File & Paint                                       $15

Standard Manicure                           $25
(includes nail shape, buff & cuticle work. Finished with vinylux polish or high shine rejuvenating oil)

Spa Manicure                                   $35
(Includes soak, nail shape, buff & cuticle treatment, exfoliating scrub and hand massage using a super rich moisturising hand cream) 

Spa Manicure + Shellac                    $42          

CND Shellac manicure                      $30
(Includes nail shape, buff & cuticle work. finished with cnd shellac polish)

CND brisa smoothing gel manicure  $30
(creates perfectly smooth, shiny & gives extra strengh to your natural nails)

CND brisa smoothing + shellac         $37
(extends shellac wear to 3+ weeks)

Shellac Soak off                                  $5

Cuccio Nail Dipping                            
Full Set      $50                              
Overlays    $30   
CND Sculpting Gel
Full Set      $50
Refils         $40

File & Paint                                         $15

Standard Pedicure                             $30
(Includes Soak, nail shape & buff. finished with vinylux polish or high shine rejuvenating oil)

Shellac Pedicure                               $35

Spa Pedicure                                     $50
(includes Soak, nail shape & buff, cuticle treatment, soothing micro dermabrasion scrub, mositure mask, leg and foot massage with a rich moisture balm)

Spa Pedicure + shellac                      $60
Spa Pedicure + Smoothing gel + Shellac $75 (lasts weeks and weeks)